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Product of the month September: EvoDry

With EvoDry steel cylinders, Voith is revolutionizing the paper drying process and facilitating improved papermaking at the highest level of efficiency.
Steel offers significant advantages over cast iron. Thus, the heat transfer can be increased by 7% and a uniform surface temperature over the entire width of the cylinder can be achieved for optimum paper quality. The revolutionary design of the Voith drying cylinders enables the maximum level of safety and performance. Thanks to the ductile material, spontaneous breakages can be avoided. Moreover, an up to 160 mm wider paper web can be produced with EvoDry because the shell is welded directly to the head, providing a maximum effective working width. With a decision for EvoDry cylinders, the investment costs can be reduced by EUR 400,000 and the electricity costs can be reduced by EUR 80,000 every year.