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Gomà-Camps boosts tissue production capacity with Voith technology

Heidenheim, Germany: The family-owned company Gomà-Camps has commissioned Voith with the delivery of the new production line for its Ejea de los Caballeros location in Spain. The production line is designed to sustainably produce high-quality tissue paper. Gomà-Camps is thus continuing its successful strategy as a leading service-oriented provider of high-quality tissue in the south-western Europe markets.
The Chairman of the Board Gomà-Camps Group, Jordi Gomá-Camps Llorens, elaborates on their decision: “After in-depth evaluation of the concepts and technologies available, we decided in favor of a solution from Voith. The TM7 will perfectly harmonize our integration rate and offer even greater quality and flexibility. “

The tissue machine is designed for an operating speed of 2,000 meter per minute and will annually produce 35,000 metric tons of high-quality toilet and towel paper from pulp with a working width of 2.8 meter. Start-up is scheduled for early 2018.

“The new TM7 proves the symbiosis of innovation and quality perfectly, “ explains General Director Gomà-Camps Consumer, J.I. Gonzalez. “We felt the tissue dedication and perfect partnership with Voith in this important project to us. This passion guarantees the success of the project. ”

In designing the entire tissue production process, low energy consumption benchmark values are achieved due to the use of the BlueLine product family, focusing also on lowest fresh water and waste water values. The IntensaPulper and the TwinFlow refiner ensure perfect fiber treatment at a high level of short fiber usage. Furthermore, the NipcoFlex T shoe press was a key factor in choosing Voith. With this technology, the need for thermal energy can be substantially reduced and the NipcoFlex T is ideally suited for the production of premium super soft tissue and thus meets the high quality requirements of Gomà-Camps.
The new tissue production line will be equipped with further energy-efficient, operator friendly components and systems, like the MasterJet T headbox, EvoDry T steel Yankee and the EcoHood T.

In addition, the effluent plant and the fabrics package as well as QualiFlex press sleeves, the full automation system including the innovative ComCore platform are delivered by Voith. The entire service package consisting of supervision, start-up, installation and optimization complete the delivery.
Gomà-Camps is a family business group founded more than 250 years ago and present on the international market. The Gomà-Camps Group’s mission is to manufacture, process and trade tissue paper and other similar products that provide value added for their customers, shareholders, Gomà-Camps employees, and their social environment.


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