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SkySoft Creping Blade with Ceramic Coating helps to increase Tissue Productivity

- Constant tissue Quality
- Highly wear-resistant, longer lifetime
- Excellent compatibility with Yankee cylinders
Heidenheim, Theresienfeld: SkySoft is a new creping blade from Voith that ensures constant tissue quality. The specially developed ceramic tip of the SkySoft creping blade is highly wear-resistant for a longer lifetime and less machine downtime. SkySoft was also designed to reduce friction on the Yankee cylinder, avoiding damage to its surface.

Thanks to its special coating and high precision SkySoft ensures constant tissue quality through a longer service life. Furthermore, SkySoft has no limits on operation bevels, ensuring state-of-the-art technology for tissue production.

The SkySoft creping blades are produced at the Voith manufacturing site in Theresienfeld, Austria, where significant investments have been made into advanced grinding techniques. The fully automated production process guarantees constant characteristics and quality and allows creping blades to be supplied with a full range of angles to suit all applications. The new blades are compatible with all blade holders, and Voith OnSite Yankee specialists ensure that they fit perfectly with the customer’s machine setup at their production site.


Matthias Herms

Voith GmbH & Co. KGaA

Global Market Communication Manager


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