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Voith AdvancedPRODUCTS improve the paper production process – in the former, press and dryer sections

• Optimized machine performance
• Lower operating costs
• Successful installation at Green Bay Packaging
Heidenheim/Wisconsin: With FormMax, PressMax and DryMax, Voith achieves a higher level of performance for the paper machine by using the optimum combination of products in the paper production process. In the former, press and dryer sections, the Voith products combine perfectly with one another as AdvancedPRODUCTS to lower operating costs, increase productivity, improve quality and provide a safer workplace for operators.

The Green Bay Packaging mill team in Wisconsin, USA has found that the FormMax approach has realized all of these goals in their forming section. The drainage is more uniform, dry line on the wire is more level, sheet breaks have been halved, chemical cleaning and hazards are significantly reduced, and the paper strength target is achieved using a lower basis weight.

This FormMax solution includes the DuoShake to optimize fiber orientation through high-frequency shaking of the breast roll and to achieve good formation and a low tensile strength ratio. In addition the DuoCleaner Excell traversing cleaning system on both wires is significantly more effective than high-pressure showers. It gives more uniform cleaning of the surface and structure of forming fabrics. The Voith I-Series forming fabric will be installed later this year as part of the continuing optimization program.


Matthias Herms

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