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AiroGuide – long-lasting guide roll cover for universal use

• Guide roll cover suits all types of paper machines
• High cover abrasion resistance helps to ensure a constant fabric service life
• Low total cost of ownership thanks to stable service life
Heidenheim: With the addition of AiroGuide to its product range, Voith is offering a guide roll cover in a modern fiber composite material suitable for all paper machines. Voith is producing the AiroGuide with a composite material which is very light but highly durable. 

Endurance tests in the field showed that the new guide roll covers were able to increase the replacement intervals also in positions suffered from high wear using standard rubber covers. This reduces downtimes and results in lower total cost of ownership. The high wear resistance of the cover helps to ensure that the fabric wear profile stays straighter for a longer period, because the roll wear will not be transferred to a higher fabric wear. Like all composite roll covers from Voith, AiroGuide covers can also be repaired in the case of minor damage, avoiding the need for a complete replacement.

The purpose of guide rolls is to guide or redirect wires, felts or paper in a paper machine.  AiroGuide is a highly versatile modular cover concept that can be used for every guide roll position in every section of the paper machine: wire guide rolls, felt guide rolls, paper guide rolls. AiroGuide roll covers offer excellent value for money and can be precisely adapted to any machine. The specification of the roll cover will always be optimized to the requirements of the application in terms of cover thickness, temperature resistance, and electrical conductivity. AiroGuide can be readily matched with other Voith products, which also improves the performance of the paper machine.


Matthias Herms

Voith GmbH & Co. KGaA

Global Market Communication Manager


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