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OTR Precise: Accurate measurement and analysis of Yankee cylinders during operation

• Early detection of problem Areas
• Basis for higher machine productivity
• Improved tissue Quality
Heidenheim: Deformations on the surface of a Yankee cylinder reduce the productivity of a tissue machine and impair the quality of the tissue paper. However, these manifestations of wear, which result primarily from continuous doctoring, are inevitable. With the OTR Precise Voith is offering tissue manufacturers a technology for reliably identifying these problem areas. Early detection of surface defects can extend the service life of the Yankee cylinder and is a means of achieving better quality and higher productivity in tissue manufacturing.

 Voith installs the OTR Precise system during a scheduled machine shutdown and afterwards the measurements are conducted during normal operation of the Yankee. With the help of a precise tension measurement and 3D measuring process the system eliminates the influences of vibration, to produce a topographical map of the Yankee cylinder surface, whose precision is setting a new benchmark for the industry. By comparing the target state of the crown profile with its actual state, normal and abnormal deformations such as areas of wear can be interpreted. This data forms the basis for precise planning of maintenance cycles. Initiating countermeasures in this way extends the life of the cylinder. In addition, the analysis enables an optimum CD moisture profile to be produced and as a result, tissue quality is improved and machine efficiency increased.


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