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The Voith Paper Webshop simplifies ordering of spare parts and provides comprehensive documentation options

• Readily accessible, clearly structured machine Information
• Order tracking and integration into customer ERP System simplifies planning and implementation
• Perlen Papier and Papierfabrik Palm among the first satisfied customers
Heidenheim: Since January, papermakers around the globe have been able to purchase Voith products and services quickly and easily around the clock in the Voith Paper Webshop. But the new online platform offers more than just an easy way to purchase replacement parts. It also enables all information about a machine, from the original delivery to the order history and operating instructions, to be viewed at a glance.

Ordering matching replacement or wear parts for paper machines that have tens of thousands of technical components can often be very timeconsuming and is therefore a significant cost factor. Even if the machine documentation has been scrupulously kept, the ordering process often has to be preceded by extensive research with the manufacturer. It is estimated that searching for the required components can take up to 30 percent of the time needed to prepare for maintenance work.

Initial customers, such as Perlen Papier and Papierfabrik Palm, were the first to gather experience with the platform during a test phase. On the basis of their experience Voith continued to refine the platform, focusing on making it more user-friendly.

For example, customers can opt to search for the spare parts they need using a clearly arranged tree structure or the order number, which may also be a customer-defined internal part number. "A search based on our own part numbers makes the order process much simpler and helps us to avoid ordering the wrong parts," says Christian Stocker, Team Leader Technical Purchasing at Perlen Papier. In the meantime, the Swiss paper manufacturer is ordering around 90 percent of its replacement parts from the Voith Paper Webshop.

A few clicks are all it takes to access prices, delivery times and availability. For Michelle White, Senior Purchaser for the UK at Papierfabrik Palm, the Voith Paper Webshop has meanwhile become one of the most important platforms used by the company: “The Webshop shows me all information on component specifications and sizes – and also, exactly where the part is located in the machine." She believes that the benefits of the Voith Paper Webshop are much greater than those of other online shops she is familiar with.

"Thanks to order tracking the person placing the order can see exactly when a part arrives at the plant, allowing for highly accurate scheduling of maintenance works. Being able to see the current availability of parts also allows paper manufacturers to maintain a leaner spare parts inventory," explains Michael Thoma, Director Global E-Business Solutions Voith Paper.

A seamless integration of the Webshop into the customer's ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system allows ordering and order processing to be realized effectively without system interruptions. As a result, ordering history and tracking are rendered transparent for both parties, the ordering process is easier to plan and is much simplified for all participants.


Matthias Herms

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