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FilmLube – Integrated Uhle box lubrication for uniform felt conditioning

Uniform conditioning of the press felts is crucial to good paper quality. In conventional systems, the Uhle boxes are lubricated by low pressure fan showers that often get blocked and cause a high lubricating water consumption. Thanks to its novel design, Voith’s FilmLube, by contrast, ensures uniform lubrication at all times.
The integrated lubrication gap conditions the felt evenly over the entire width of the machine and at the same time saves valuable fresh water due to the efficient feed system.FilmLube is also very low maintenance and helps improve operator safety.

FilmLube is part of the PressMax solution of Voith’s AdvancedPRODUCTS. AdvancedPRODUCTS are an ideal combination of products that work perfectly together to improve the papermaking process and maximize savings. Through the interplay of Voith products for the press section – such as FilmLube, Infinity press felts and ProTect felt measurement system – paper producers are able to increase the efficiency, productivity and safety of their press section.