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Spotlight on smart service


A clear focus

Dr. Dieter Wenninger is President, Products and Services, at Voith Paper and is responsible for growing the global service business. He firmly believes that smart technologies and smart service go hand-in-hand.

Dr. Dieter Wenninger

Dr. Wenninger, you introduced your new service concept last summer at the customer event in Hamburg. How important is service at Voith Paper now?

Dr. Wenninger: Paper manufacturers are faced with many challenges, and ensuring competitiveness is a key factor for business success. It is essential that the paper machines run at a consistently high level throughout their entire life cycle. Therefore, advising and serving our customers does not stop for us after the start-up of a production line.

To what extent do Papermaking 4.0 and service go hand-in-Hand?

Large volumes of data are generated and processed during paper production. This data – combined with our process expertise – lays the foundation for serving our customers all over the world with networked smart solutions. OnCare is one example of our digital solutions. It monitors important areas of the paper machine online and diagnoses initial damage before it becomes a problem. With remote support we can quickly restore system availability in an emergency and support our customers 24/7.


What are your requirements for first-class service?

A service is first-class when the customer clearly sees the value that our work adds. Generally, this added value can be represented in monetary terms: cost savings and increased production are just a couple of the metrics. Where we differentiate ourselves from other providers: we look at the big picture. We elevate services for our customers to a new level, with 150 years of experience in the industry and our expertise in the area of digitization.

We elevate services for our customers to a new level.
Dr. Dieter Wenninger

How are you going about achieving that new Level?

We are a local partner to our customers. Through our regional business units, we provide a global network of experts. To be closer to our customers and respond even faster to their needs, we are focusing on rapidly expanding our service locations worldwide. The goal of our Voith Paper service organization is to ensure total customer care.