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The huge growth in online commerce has boosted the demand for packaging materials of all types. XcelLine, the new generation of paper machines by Voith, is the key to building an optimized, sustainable supply chain. On a global scale.

Sun Paper was rewarded with paper on reel months ahead of schedule. Such breakthroughs are setting standards not only in China, but also on a global scale.

Guoling Fu, Mill Director of Zoucheng PM 31/PM 32 (left), together with Stanley Wang, Voith Project Manager.
Voith technology is leading in the paper industry.
Guoling Fu, The mill director

Given the global dimensions of online commerce and the trend toward urbanization, the increase in worldwide demand for board and packaging paper has been phenomenal, but not totally unexpected. It is most noticeable in Asia, where the numbers are staggering, as Stanley Wang, Voith Project Manager in Kunshan, China, explains: “Online shopping has taken off on an incredible scale. Companies are having to wait in line for packaging material.”
Such breakthroughs are setting standards not only in China, but also on a global scale.

Under perfect pressure: the cutting-edge Tandem NipcoFlex shoe press is installed in both PM 31 and PM 32 in Zoucheng.

Global solutions

The increased demand for sustainable packaging solutions has also caught the attention of leading European papermakers. In particular, papermakers are responding to the global trend for lightweight, flexible materials that allow cost-efficient, eco-friendly packaging of small, individual items. Having a portfolio of high-quality containerboard grades suitable for various packaging solutions for end users is paramount for the future.

With the start-up of the XcelLine PM 6 in December 2016, at the paper mill in Düren, Germany, Schoellershammer increased its annual capacity for corrugating medium and testliner, in a basis weight range of 80 to 120 g/m², by 250,000 metric tons. From contract to paper on reel, a mere 17 months had passed.

As the company focus is on high-quality products that are 100% recyclable, made with recycled paper, the decision to partner with Voith was an easy one, explains Armin Vetter, Managing Director at Schoellershammer. “Voith tailored the plant concept to our specific goal of building a reference facility with low energy consumption for manufacturing corrugated containerboard.” In addition, working with a single supplier was crucial. “We wanted a full-line supplier, someone who provides the complete system, from plate conveyor to winder, including measurement, automation and ventilation technology. That is why we chose Voith,” he adds.

Voith tailored the plant concept to our specific goal of building a reference facility with low energy consumption.
Armin Vetter, Managing Director, Schoellershammer

For Andreas Koehler, Voith Project Manager at Schoellershammer, the partnership was characterized by trust from the beginning, and deepened throughout the cooperation. “The working relationship has been fantastic throughout,” he says. It is also clearly reflected by the fact that Schoellershammer has contracted Voith with the additional delivery of field instruments and hall ventilation, as well as other services, including total roll management, services for doctor blades and the preventive maintenance of various machine components.

Equally positive was also the experience back in China. Sun Paper is so convinced by the milestones set with PM 31 and 32, and the excellent working relationship, that the company has just signed a contract for two more XcelLine paper machines, PM 36 and 37, of the exact same type, increasing the company’s capacity to almost 6 million metric tons a year. This is a clear indication of the trust the XcelLine and Voith expertise inspires.


Compelling benefits

1. Fast start-up
Voith task forces ensure that XcelLine paper machines are up and running fast. With Sun Paper, it took only 12 hours from stock on wire to paper on reel, and only one day to produce saleable paper.

2. Best value for money
For Sun Paper, profitability was achieved in the first six months. Innovative strength based on long-standing expertise makes Voith the first choice for longevity of products and the complete paper machines.

3. Advanced technology
Forward-thinking solutions, networked field instruments and smart preventive maintenance ensure paper production is more profitable.

4. Integrated solutions
Voith excels as a trusted partner by providing solutions from project initiation to commissioning, tailoring the service to customer needs and delivering the optimal solution for every step in papermaking, whatever the application.

5. Full-line supply
From BlueLine stock preparation to XcelLine paper machines, from superior services to Papermaking 4.0, Voith designs systems for the entire life cycle of paper machines, ensuring all components interact perfectly, cutting interfaces, inefficiencies and costs.


Boost Supply

It requires excellence to produce 800,000 metric tons each year.

The only way forward for board and packaging: efficient production, sustainable products.

Sustainable production: The end product on the VariFlex winder is testliner, firm recyclable paper produced from recovered paper.

Now, an additional 800,000 metric tons of kraftliner and testliner have been added to its yearly capacity, manufactured on two Voith XcelLine paper machines, PM 31 and PM 32, installed in the same workshop in Zoucheng. The mill director, Guoling Fu, is clear that Voith was commissioned to build, install and service the two machines in recognition of the benefits of working with a full-line supplier of coordinated solutions from a single source. “Voith technology is leading in the paper industry,” he says.

Flexible usage: The growing demand for eco-friendly packaging of small, individual items is met by lightweight packaging material.

This demand is the reason why the Sun Paper Group made the strategic decision to expand its portfolio to include board and packaging material, a market the company had not served in the past. With an annual pulp and paper manufacturing capacity of 4.5 million metric tons, Sun Paper is one of the leading paper manufacturers in China.