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Voith Cooling Systems for Monorail in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur (KL) Monorail, the operator of the monorail system in Malaysia's capital, is replacing its entire fleet by the end of this year. Voith will deliver the cooling systems for the 12 planned four-car vehicles. The new monorails are significantly lighter and more efficient than their predecessor models.
Cooling system for monorails
Each of the existing monorails is fitted with two cooling systems with a unit weight of 250 kilograms. The new self-contained Voith cooling system weighs only 100 kilograms and consists of just one cooling unit. The 150-kilogram lighter Voith cooling system will be installed as an underfloor arrangement in the bogie area. It cools all major traction components, the inverter and the traction motor.

Monorails have been in service in Kuala Lumpur since 2003. Every day, some 45,000 passengers use the monorail to travel high above the traffic jams that are typical for such a megacity. In the tropical climate of Malaysia's capital, the air-conditioned monorail is a popular transport medium. Mounted on stilts it connects a total of eleven stations on a horseshoe-shaped route of 8.6 kilometers: from Kuala Lumpur main railway station up to Titiwangsa in the north of the city with its 1.5 million inhabitants.

KL Monorail wants to have its entire fleet replaced by new vehicles by the end of this year. The monorail manufacturer Scomi Rail has received an order for the construction of 48 wagons for the new system. The future vehicles are configured as four-car units, with faster acceleration and shorter cycles than their predecessors. In addition they are also significantly lighter. The Voith cooling systems in lightweight design contribute to this weight reduction.

Voith is delivering similar cooling systems for the new Bombardier monorails in King Abdullah Economic City (Saudi Arabia) and São Paulo (Brazil). The latter will take up service right in time for the Football World Cup 2014. Voith thus supplies cooling systems to all leading manufacturers of monorail vehicles.

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