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Voith to Supply Electric Drive Systems for New Trams in Shenyang

In September 2013 - just in time for the 12th National Games in China - trams will once again roll through Shenyang after an absence of 40 years. Voith will equip the vehicles of the Chinese manufacturer Changchun Railway Vehicles Company with traction inverters and traction motors as well as Supercap energy storage units for catenary-free operation.
Tram for Shenyang
Shenyang is North China's economic and cultural center and the capital of Liaoning Province. In 2013 the city will host the 12th National Games. Analogue to the Olympics, the National Games are held every four years as a platform for Chinese athletes from all over the People's Republic to compete in a wide variety of disciplines - from equestrian and water sports to cycling and gymnastics as well as ball games. In 2009, nearly 11 000 Chinese sportsmen and women participated in the contest. Just in time for this major event, Shenyang is expanding its public transport infrastructure with a 60-kilometer tram network.

Electric Drive Systems from Voith

The new above-ground traffic network will be used for a fleet of five-car trams made by Changchun Railway Vehicles Company. The rail vehicle manufacturer is relying on electric drive systems from Voith. In January 2013, the Chinese company will take delivery of the first traction units. By April 2013, Voith will have supplied components for a total of ten vehicles. The order for the ten drive system is the first tranche of a framework contract covering the delivery of 50 drive systems.

Each of the trams will be fitted with two Voith DI1000-5AR traction inverters, four Supercap energy storage units and four traction motors. As a result, the trams have a maximum input power of 700 kW. Thanks to the Supercaps, they can run without catenary wires on route sections of up to 700 meters. During normal overhead-wire operation, the energy storage units are used for increasing the energy efficiency. During this process, braking energy is stored and made available to the traction system when the trams start up.

Trams for Shenyang After 40 Years

The ground-breaking ceremony for the tram network in the Olympic sports center in Shenyang took place in February this year. The trams are scheduled to enter official passenger service from June 2013 - just in time for the National Games, which will commence three months later. Important sites and buildings, such as Taoxian Airport, the Conference and Exhibition Center or the National Games Village, can in future be reached by tram. On a total of four lines across the city, the trams will be interconnected through 73 stops. 40 years after the closure of the former municipal tram system, Shenyang will therefore get a new above-ground traffic network, entering service next year.

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