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E-Locomotives of Hyundai Rotem to receive Complete Wheelsets from Voith

Vehicle manufacturers rely on systems suppliers, in order to make their own production processes more stable. In the end, this saves time and costs. Voith, systems supplier to the rail vehicle industry for many years, is expanding its range in the field of wheelset components.
Complete wheelsets with gear unit SET-544 for the 6.6 MW electric goods train locomotive from Hyundai Rotem.
The Korean vehicle manufacturer Hyundai Rotem has placed an order with the Japanese Toshiba Corporation for the delivery of the complete driveline for the EL 8300, a 6.6 MW electric goods train locomotive. The locomotive requires one gear unit for each of its six axles. Toshiba decided in favor of the SET-544 gear unit from Voith.

Toshiba wanted more than just a suitable gear unit for this locomotive. On behalf of the Japanese manufacturer, Voith also assumed the engineering and the production of the complete wheelsets. Apart from the gear unit, the Voith wheelset system also includes the wheelset shaft and the wheels. The latter are being mounted on Voith's own wheelset press and fitted with wheel brake discs.

In total Toshiba ordered 522 complete wheelsets for 87 locomotives. Prior to their delivery, the complete wheelsets undergo stringent tests on the Voith test stand. Korean Railways will use all of the 87 goods train locomotives for freight transport.

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