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Voith Air Compressors in Lightweight Design:
Same Output at Lower Weight

Buses in city traffic need huge amounts of compressed air. Not only for braking or for the air suspension system. Sufficient pressure in the lines is also needed for operating the doors and lowering the bus to the height of the kerbstone ("kneeling"). Requirements, for which Voith will be presenting the LP 725, a pre-charged threecylinder compressor in alu lightweight design.
LP 725
The second generation of Voith air compressors is thus ready for series production. They combine outstanding technology with state-of-the-art materials engineering. Compared with conventional single-stage compressors, pre-charged Voith air compressors generate higher specific displacement volumes, use less energy and reach their end pressure at lower compression temperatures thanks to intermediate cooling. This results in higher energy efficiency and low-emission operation.

The three-cylinder compressor on show completes the two-cylinder version introduced in 2011 and is also produced in alu-casting lightweight design. Compared with the proven three-cylinder compressor this means: same output but lower weight, and thus another plus in terms of effectiveness.

The predecessor LP 700 made from grey-cast iron has been successfully used in the nearly 20-meter long, four-axle low-floor articulated Mercedes-Benz CapaCity bus since 2008. 250 of these buses with 193 seats operate in toughest conditions in the "Metrobüs" BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) system in Istanbul.

The new LP 725 is intended for the new generation of Euro 6 engines. The first application of the three-cylinder compressor will take place in the new Mercedes-Benz Citaro G.

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