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New On-Site Machining Services Considerably Shorten Plant Downtimes

Stuttgart, October 11, 2012 - Voith Industrial Services, a division of Voith, has expanded its portfolio for the oil & gas, chemical & petrochemical process industries as well as the power industry. With services in on-site machining, the company offers a 24-hour service for processing various components such as defective shafts or damaged flanges with machining processes on site at the customer’s location – without the affected parts having to be dismantled and transported to a workshop. The machine thus comes to the workpiece rather than vice versa. Downtimes are noticeably reduced and plant utilization is optimized. The customers profit from considerable cost and time savings.
Orders are handled round the clock throughout all of Europe, from the Antwerp (Belgium) location in the heart of Europe. Due to the mobile, modularly constructed machine tools (for milling, turning, grinding and drilling), shafts or flanges of pumps, compressors, fans and turbines in process and other industries can be tooled directly at the customer’s location, so as to compensate for imbalances arising from abrasion, for example.
The high level of flexibility designed into the machines that Voith Industrial Services uses means that they can work with equipment of any size or design. For this, the machine is set up around the component to be processed. Already with medium-size pumps, heat exchangers or reactors, on-site machining pays off due to the time and cost savings as compared to dismantling the component and transporting it to a repair shop.

In addition to machining, the services also include leak checks and repairs to pipelines and piping using special processes that are geared to the contents of the pipes. The services are rounded off with tensioning and fitting work on flanges and T-elements in refineries. Also included is checking the connection elements for tightness and corrosion.

This portfolio of on-site machining services is the result of expanding the operations of Belgian Voith Industrial Services N.V. These services, which were previously provided exclusively by third parties, are thus now available with streamlined quality control for the first time from one source at Voith Industrial Services.

Voith Industrial Services
Voith Industrial Services, a division of the Voith Group, provides technical services for key industries. As one of the largest German providers, the company generated sales of 1 billion euros in 2011 at more than 170 locations with around 20,000 employees. Voith Industrial Services is known for responsible action, innovative solutions and consistently high performance quality.

A main focus is technical services for customers in the oil & gas, chemical & petrochemical process industries as well as the power industry. The company combines many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of these industries. The service portfolio ranges from plant engineering and construction to maintenance, repairs, turnarounds, inspections, upgrades and optimizations all the way to dismantling – over the entire lifecycle of a plant.


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