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New Management Team for P3 Voith Aerospace

P3 Voith Aerospace GmbH, a joint venture between Voith and the P3 Group, has a fresh management team, a year after being set up. The number of managing directors in the Hamburg engineering service provider has been reduced from four to three. Dr. Lars Karsten is taking over the Chairmanship of the Board of Directors. The company welcomes new COO Dr. Hannes Mechler to the Board of Directors. Mechler worked for Airbus as an international manager before joining the joint venture.. Michael Hoffmann will leave the Board of Directors, as will Dr. Tim Moog, who will hand over his position as CFO to a successor in May as previously planned.

Dr. Thomas Weingarten, who founded P3 Digital Services for the P3 Group in 2002 and successfully established it in the market, will also leave the Board of Directors at his own request to take over a position in the Advisory Board of the company as one of the managing partners. Jens Pohl has been the Chair of the Advisory Board since January and is responsible for the joint venture in the Board of Management of Voith Industrial Services Holding. 

“A new era is beginning for our young joint venture. We are convinced that we are well-positioned with this lean, highly motivated management team,” says Pohl. “The integration phase of the joint venture is largely over and has met our expectations. Now it’s a matter of solidifying and extending our position as the biggest German development service provider for the aerospace industry with an international orientation.” 

P3 Voith Aerospace is one of the leading European companies in the area of design services for the aerospace industry. P3 Voith Aerospace employs approx. 1000 employees at locations in Hamburg, Bremen, Munich, Solms, Toulouse, Marseille, Madrid, Bristol, Montreal, Wichita and Bangalore.


Julia Schreiber

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