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HydroSeal: Innovative sealing strip with integrated lubrication

With HydroSeal Voith has launched a patented sealing strip system with integrated lubricating water feed that allows substantial savings to be made in lubricating water and drive power. For the first time, HydroSeal provides the option of dispensing with the conventional lubricating shower regardless of type of suction roll or manufacturer.
On the left: HydroSeal with integrated lubrication – on the right: the conventional, deficient lubricating shower system.
Until now, an upstream lubricating shower is used for lubricating up to five sealing strips. This results in an uneven lubricating water profile over the width of the strip and deficient lubrication of the strips at the back in the direction of rotation, resulting in faster wear and higher drive load. In addition, the overlapping nozzle fans of lubricating water impair the CD moisture profile. As a significant amount of water is wiped off at the first sealing strip the web is remoistened and paper quality suffers as a result. This is why Voith developed HydroSeal, a sealing strip system that has lubricant water distribution built into its design.

Thanks to HydroSeal the lubricating water is distributed continuously over the entire width of the sealing strip - allowing the sealing strip surface to continuously being covered with a homogeneous film of lubricating water. The efficient feed substantially reduces the amount of lubricating water required. Moreover, this new design prevents the remoistening of the paper web and also improves the CD moisture profile.

Trials carried out in the field on our customers' machines demonstrated that by using HydroSeal lubricating water consumption could be reduced by up to 87%. Specific energy consumption was cut by 9%. This means that even on just one suction roll, HydroSeal can achieve savings of 100,000 or more euros per year, offering a distinct economic benefit as well as an ecological advantage.

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