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No compromises when it comes to safety – the new steam turbine controller “TurCon DTm” from Voith avoids unplanned downtime

Safety is the top priority with steam turbine control. High drive chain reliability is a must in preventing accidents and property damage. The digital controller “TurCon DTm” from Voith delivers safe control of steam turbines.
The steam turbine controller “TurCon DTm” from Voith measures all relevant process variables during steam turbine operation. Depending on the sensor values and process requirements, the TurCon DTm relays standard signals to the actuator, enabling safe steam turbine control. This prevents unscheduled downtime and the unplanned costs associated with it.
The digital steam turbine controller “TurCon DTm” from Voith is fully equipped with all the relevant components – no need for any additional equipment. The result: reduced total cost of ownership for the operator. The wide array of TurCon DTm components includes an industrial CPU, I/O modules, speed measurement system, safety relays (TRIP), buffer amplifiers and a touchscreen display.
Voith's new TurCon DTm is designed to control steam turbines with power of up to 500 MW and is particularly well suited to different control modes – from speed and frequency control all the way to complicated extraction steam control. This allows the TurCon DTm to offer operators a wide range of benefits. Unlike some comparable systems, the controller features an integrated speed measurement system with short-circuit and open-circuit monitoring. The TurCon DTm does more than just monitor speed for plausibility – it also monitors the electric lines for malfunctions. This helps prevent unscheduled downtime and the costs associated with it, while at the same time considerably increasing the safety of the control process.

The modular design of the TurCon DTm makes it easy to replace individual components. No additional equipment is needed to safely control steam turbines because all the relevant components are fully integrated. The result is reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) for the operator. Unlike with many comparable controllers, the critically important safety relays (TRIP) are also integrated into the controller, thus eliminating the need to install them separately. In critical process states, the TRIP relays enable reliable turbine shutdown signaling.

Voith's digital controller TurCon DTm is fully configurable and can be customized to individual operator requirements. The easy-to-use touchscreen display supports simple controller parameterization.

Actuator and control engineering from a single source
Voith's 30 years of experience in actuator and control engineering and the proven high reliability of its products speak for themselves: The statistical Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) for Voith actuators and control systems reaches values of up to 100,000 years. The TurCon DTm is a fitting addition to the broad control system product portfolio.

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