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Voith Apprentice Finishes as Best Trainee Nationwide in His Field

Heidenheim. The Voith apprentice Stefan Wöhrle has completed his apprenticeship as a technical draughtsman in summer 2013 with the highest marks in Germany. Among his fellow apprentices, the 21-year-old got the best results throughout the country in his final Chamber of Commerce and Industry exam. Wöhrle will be awarded for his achievement in Berlin on 9 December 2013. It is expected that the EU Commissioner for Energy, Günther Oettinger, will be the keynote speaker at the festive ceremony at the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI).
Stefan Wöhrle
Wöhrle was successful at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry on a local, regional and nationwide level. The best apprentices on a local level will be honored in Aalen on 12 November 2013, while the regional awards ceremony will take place in Friedrichshafen on 21 November. Regionally, the best technical draughtsman will originate from Voith for the second consecutive year. Together with Stefan Wöhrle, eleven Voith apprentices in four different technical and commercial professions finished their final CCI exams with straight As.

Stefan Wöhrle is delighted about his success: "I am really happy with this award. I absolutely love my job and Voith has given me optimum support. My apprenticeship was brilliant!" Erwin Krajewski, Manager Technical Apprenticeships at Voith is equally proud: "Stefan Wöhrle's award is also an award for the apprenticeship scheme at Voith. With his diligence and his proficiency he really deserved this prize."

Technical draughtsmen such as Stefan Wöhrle plan and design components and sub-assemblies for machines and create drawings of these parts with the help of software and 3 D programs. After completing their apprenticeship most of them work in the product development sector, where they are involved from the early design stage up to the actual commissioning of the product. In the course of a structural reform of apprenticeships the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry has replaced the training program for technical draughtsmen by a curriculum under the heading 'technical product designers.'

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