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Voith Receives Coveted HPQ Certificate from DB German Railways as Only Independent Transmission Manufacturer

Voith has been awarded the HPQ Certificate for "Manufacturer-Related Product Quality" from DB German Railways, which is highly coveted among rail vehicle suppliers. With this award, DB certifies the assembly of wheelsets at Voith.
With the wheelset press in Heidenheim Voith assembles wheelsets
Voith complete wheelsets for diesel railcars and locomotives
Over a total of three days, the DB quality inspectors assured themselves at Voith in Heidenheim how the company assembles wheelsets and processes them further. So far, Voith is the only independent transmission manufacturer who has been awarded by DB German Railways after this extensive auditing procedure and becomes a member of the "List of Qualified Suppliers" with immediate effect.

Since 2011, Voith has been assembling wheelsets at its location Heidenheim with its own wheelset press. Therefore the offered services cover not only engineering, but also assembly and completion of wheelsets with a wide range of sizes. The machine is designed for gauge widths of 750 to 1,676 millimeters and a maximum wheelset mass of 7.5 tons.

Having wheelsets joined and assembled at one single source results in enormous time savings and added safety for rail vehicle manufacturers. Extensive coordination of individual wheelset components is no longer necessary, which not only reduces the risk of damage during transport, but also increases the quality of the product. In addition, Voith assumes full responsibility for the final testing of the complete wheelsets. This provides vehicle manufacturers with product safety.

Voith has joined and assembled complete wheelsets for the tram in Helsinki, for numerous metros in India, as well as for railcars in Indonesia. Voith has also developed, assembled and delivered 570 complete wheelsets for a 132-ton goods locomotive of the operator Korail.

The HPQ certificate of DB is not type-specific and regarded as a quality benchmark in the rail industry. With its center of competency for joining and assembling wheelsets, Voith also complies with the British RISAS standard, which specifies high quality norms as well.

Voith Turbo, a Group Division of Voith GmbH, is a specialist for intelligent drive solutions. Customers from highly diverse industries such as oil and gas, energy, mining and metal processing, ship technology, rail and commercial vehicles rely on advanced technologies from Voith Turbo.

Voith sets standards in the markets energy, oil & gas, paper, raw materials and transportation & automotive. Founded in 1867, Voith employs almost 42 000 people, generates €5.7 billion in sales, operates in about 50 countries around the world and is today one of the biggest family-owned companies in Europe.


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