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Reduced maintenance costs of up to 30 percent: Universal Joint Shafts and SafeSet Torque-limiting Couplings from Voith satisfy US steel producer again

The quality of Voith products has satisfied a US steel producer for the second time. Voith has delivered two additional CHT universal joint shafts with overload protection couplings for a rolling mill in the US. The components have been in operation since June of 2013 and the steel producer is excited about their performance.
Voith CH Series high-performance universal joint shafts deliver top torque capacity and reduce operator maintenance costs by 25 – 30 percent.
SafeSet Torque-limiting Couplings from Voith protect the roll neck and universal joint shaft from damage.
The rolling mill had earlier been equipped with universal joint shafts made by another manufacturer. Because of the very high repair costs, the operator decided to replace the old components with Voith high-performance universal joint shafts. These universal joint shafts, from the current CH Series, feature FEM-optimized (Finite Element Method) design. The forged version of the flange yokes is designed for extreme loading conditions and provides optimum torque capacity. The newly developed CH bearing engineering and the stress-optimized journal cross guarantee a long component service life. This prevents unscheduled downtimes and the costs they incur. The operator benefit is a 25 - 30 percent reduction in maintenance costs.

The operator of the rolling mill also installed SafeSet torque-limiting couplings between the motor and the universal joint shaft. In case of an overload, the coupling disconnects the driveline immediately and protects the universal joints, roll necks and other transmission components.

The main benefit with the torque-limiting coupling is that the mill can be operated at maximum capacity. If an overload occurs the coupling reacts immediately, disconnecting all mass elements in the driveline. It is the inertia caused by these elements that otherwise damages transmission components since it is impossible to brake fast enough.

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