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High efficiency over the entire speed control range: The new Vorecon with Dual Torque Converter

Launched just recently onto the market, Voith's new Vorecon variable speed planetary gear is already winning over customers in the oil and gas industry around the world. Ten of the Vorecons with Dual Torque Converter have already been sold to American pipeline and gas storage operators for use in controlling the speed of electrically driven compressors. The new Vorecon is impressive, demonstrating a high degree of efficiency across the entire speed control range, while at the same time offering high reliability at 99.98 %.
The new Vorecon with Dual Torque Converter controls speeds in the power range from 6 to 50 MW.
The Vorecon with Dual Torque Converter offers high overall efficiency over the entire speed control range. Up to 2% higher than drive systems with a VFD.
The American pipeline operator NET Midstream recently ordered four Vorecons with Dual Torque Converter. These are slated for use in the NET Mexico Pipeline Project in South Texas. The new pipeline will be placed into service in December 2014. It is expected to transport around 2.1 billion cubic feet of gas daily from Southern Texas all the way to the Mexican border. The pipeline project is designed to meet the growing demand for natural gas in Mexico.

The Vorecon with Dual Torque Converter is the ideal solution for operating points that frequently fall within the speed range of 60% to 90% of maximum speed. It is up to 2% more efficient than drive systems with a variable frequency drive (VFD) over the entire speed control range. The operator benefits from greater flexibility with regard to operating characteristics and long-term planning security. In addition, the Vorecon can save up to USD 200,000 per year in energy costs.

The life cycle costs (LCC) of a compressor station depend on the availability of the drive components, among other things. With its statistical reliability of 99.98 % and an MTBF value of 48 years, the Vorecon avoids unscheduled downtime of the drive systems and the associated costs. The lifetime of the hydrodynamically controlled planetary gear is several decades and is thus more than three times longer than that of VFDs.

The Vorecon has numerous advantages for gas pipelines and storage. It provides high torque at low speeds, a requirement for gas storage, for instance. Compared to VFDs with a constant torque, it is not necessary to oversize the driveline. The speed control system, gearbox and oil supply are already integrated directly into the Vorecon. As a result, the customer benefits from lower infrastructure costs.

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