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Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) secures long-term gas supply in the desert with four Vorecons from Voith

Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) has chosen the Vorecon hydrodynamic variable speed planetary gear from Voith for the expansion of its Saih Rawl Gas Processing Plant in Oman. A total of four Vorecons will control the speed of the turbo compressors that ensure gas production and processing in the Saih Rawl gas field. This gas field lent its name to the plant. The Vorecon delivers an impressive MTBF value of 48 years and a statistical reliability of 99.98 %.
The Vorecon variable speed planetary gear controls the speed of turbo compressors in the gas field in Oman. The Vorecon delivers an impressive MTBF value of 48 years and a statistical reliability of 99.98 %.
The natural gas coming from the gas field is transported via pipeline to the Saih Rawl Gas Processing Plant. This industrial complex in the Omani desert requires a specific pressure on the plant side in order to further process the gas. At the start of the gas production process, the natural pressure in the gas field is sufficient to operate the gas processing plant. As the mean time of operation increases, however, the pressure in the gas field in turn decreases – compressors then raise system pressure to the required level. PDO has selected the Vorecon variable speed planetary gear from Voith to provide flexible response to the varying gas pressure. Following commissioning in 2014, the Vorecons with a power of 20 MW will control the turbo compressors at a drive speed of up to 8,000 rpm.

The availability of the drive components is an important factor for ensuring the gas supply in Oman. The extremely high reliability of the Vorecon doesn't just reduce drive system downtimes, it also decreases associated costs. The compact Vorecon is much better suited to the extreme environmental conditions in the desert, such as heat and sand storms, if compared to other drive solutions. The Vorecon does its job reliably, even at temperatures of over 60 degrees Celsius and in potentially explosive areas – without the need for additional equipment. The Vorecon requires up to 70 % less space than comparable drive systems. This not only reduces overall system complexity, it also lowers investment costs. The quick and easy maintenance of the Vorecon represents another benefit for the operator. Overhaul intervals of eight years reduce operating costs whilst also maintaining high availability.

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