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Zero Days Delivery Time with Voith Rail Service

For decades Voith has been supporting its customers with the overhaul of gear units and thus ensured safe rail vehicle operations. A particularly convenient solution for operators is the so-called gear unit exchange model. During a planned revision or an unscheduled repair, rail operators can have fully overhauled Voith gear units delivered in advance and install them straightaway. This service has now also been extended to Scharfenberg couplers.
The transport operator Bernmobil relies on the gear unit exchange model from Voith for the revision of the KEH-345 gear units of its low-floor tramcars.
In the past, operators already benefitted from the many positive aspects of the gear unit exchange model: delivery times and downtimes are avoided, because the gear units are already where they are needed. Costs can be calculated in advance, warranty periods are significantly extended and the delivered, fully overhauled gear unit complies with the latest technical standards. The used units are subsequently overhauled by Voith. Afterwards they are available as a 1:1 exchange from the gear unit exchange pool to the next customer who uses the same type of gear unit.

This service is offered for all vehicle types. Be it Stadler railcars such as the Regio Shuttle, Flirt and GTW or vehicles from Alstom and Siemens: their different Voith gear units are overhauled worldwide by a gear unit exchange pool.

The transport operator Bernmobil of the city of Bern, Switzerland, has already been won over by this concept. For 15 low-floor Combino tramcars, Voith delivered a total of 120 KEH-345 exchange gear units during 2012 and 2013.

"Thanks to the close cooperation with Voith we were able to carry out the revision of our gear units without any interruptions," stated Heinz Moser, Manager Tram at Bernmobil. "The exchange model saved us 6 to 8 weeks of downtime and a great deal of coordination work. We were in close contact with Voith about one year prior to the planned revision, which enabled all those involved to control the project optimally. After these positive experiences we would certainly choose Voith again as a service partner."

Thanks to its international setup, Voith can offer the gear unit exchange model all over the world: the workshops in America, Europe and Asia are fully equipped for overhauling all gear unit types. Through this proximity to the customer it is ensured that the gear units are always delivered on time for the revisions.

Voith will in future also offer this service for Scharfenberg couplers via such an exchange pool. Südthüringen Bahn in Meiningen, Germany, will be the first customer this year to utilize the exchange coupler model for the revision of the Scharfenberg couplers of its 32 Regio Shuttles.

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