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More than 20 successful rebuilds: BaglessPlus disc filter sectors from Voith

Paper manufacturers are convinced of BaglessPlus disc filter sectors made of corrugated stainless steel from Voith: Not only does a conversion to the most modern filter technology in the fiber recovery or dewatering process increase capacity and filtrate quality, but it also lowers maintenance costs.
Improved filtrate quality and increased production capacity with BaglessPlus disc filter sectors.
Voith has already rebuilt more than 20 disc filters from various manufacturers in stock preparation and in the approach flow system with BaglessPlus disc filter sectors. Paper manufacturers all over the world are thus being assisted in managing sustainable processes.

The BaglessPlus disc filter sectors offer 15 - 20% higher capacity. In addition, the filtrate quality remains high during the entire service life. That is due above all to the stable design of the disc filter sectors. Since a consistent filtrate quality in the super-clear filtrate of up to 25 ppm can be achieved, it is possible to save large amounts of fresh water. BaglessPlus disc filters also impress with their excellent service life of 10 to 20 years. The first Bagless disc filter was put into operation in 1998 and is still in use. That not only saves time for maintenance work, but also reduces costs.

Voith uses products such as BaglessPlus disc filter sectors to rebuild existing machines from different manufacturers. Improved operation is thus achieved for a fraction of the costs involved in a new installation. The conversion to BaglessPlus is possible for most disc filter sizes.

Voith also offers filter bags made of polypropylene for various applications with a special protective fabric. Conventional filter discs with steel fabric are also in use. Sometimes achieving the optimum requires more than a conversion to the most modern disc filter sector technology. With a Filtrate valve of the latest generation or a conversion to HiCon disc filter with a production increase of up to 80%, Voith has a large rebuild portfolio available for further optimizing a disc filter.

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