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60 % less energy consumption along with increased productivity – the PSH press drive

If the goal is to make production presses quicker, more accurate and above all more efficient, then the Voith hybrid servo press drive (PSH) is the best retrofit solution. With the PSH, operators have the benefit of reduced energy consumption and low maintenance costs along with increased productivity.
The Voith hybrid servo press drive allows for optimum adjustment of power and speed and enables energy savings of up to 60 % to be achieved.
The PSH is a drive that replaces the classic valve and control technology. The intelligent control and regulation, developed jointly by Voith and Siemens, enables versatile use of the press. The PSH therefore guarantees the best possible utilization of power and speed to the pressing process. Thus the press only uses as much energy as required by the relevant process phase. This can bring up to 60 % energy savings, improving the total operating costs (TCO) – a real advantage for the operator.

Due to its modular construction with few components, the drive can be cost effective and easily integrated into any press, saving time and costs in commissioning. The low level of system complexity along with the use of robust components also increases the availability of the press. In comparison to traditional hydraulic systems, the PSH requires significantly less space and oil volumes, which reduces the maintenance costs by 30 %.

The hybrid servo press drive is the optimum solution, both for retro-fitting and new installations. The complete PSH system includes the servo pump group and servo motor, as well as the hydraulic power pack, safety equipment, switching electronics, sensors and control system, I/O periphery and operating unit with preassembled touch screen user interface.

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