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Three new tank construction projects at Statoil Refining Denmark

Voith Industrial Services builds two new tanks and modernizes an existing tank in Denmark. Anouther large order from Statoil Refining Denmark in Kalundborg.
Voith Industrial Services has recently received three new tank orders from Statoil Refining Denmark A/S in Kalundborg. The Statoil oil and gas enterprise operates Denmark’s largest refinery on the outskirts of the small port of Kalundborg, where every year almost 5.5 million tons of the most varied products are manufactured from the base material of petroleum. The plant hails from the year 1961. All components must therefore be regularly serviced in accordance with the legal provisions.

In the course of this maintenance, sometimes complete tanks also have to be replaced if they are too old and would pose a danger to the environment with continued use.

Such work requires precise execution and strict adherence to schedules and safety provisions. Voith meets all these quality criteria and profits from the extensive project experience and many years of collaboration it has enjoyed at the refinery in Denmark since the 1970s. The industrial service provider was last called upon to modernize a storage tank with double floating roof, also at the Kalundborg refinery, in the middle of 2014.

The challenge in the current project consists in modernizing or building three tanks at the same time. Various types of modernization work are to be carried out on an oil tank 15 meters high and 50 meters wide. Two other tanks are being completely rebuilt. Both of them have a diameter of ca. 20 meters, are just under 15 meters high and have a self-supporting roof structure. The volumes of these tanks are 4,500 and 6,400 cubic meters. The entire project is planned for implementation within 14 months.

The Voith Industrial Services team is delighted to take on this challenge, as it further expands into tank construction and modernization.

About Voith Industrial Services:
Voith Industrial Services, a division of Voith GmbH, is one of the leading providers of technical services for key industries such as automotive, energy, chemicals and petrochemicals and of engineering services. In 2014 the company posted with around 18,500 employees sales of € 1.18 billion at its more than 170 locations worldwide.


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