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Maintenance-Free, Flexible, Cost-Effective – CT-P Couplings from Voith

The highly flexible CT-P coupling from Voith offers the steel industry multiple benefits. For one thing, it does not have the backlash forces customary with gear couplings and thus protects the connected driveline components. For another thing it is virtually wear-free, can be flexibly integrated in the driveline, and has an extensive lifetime – all of which saves operators a lot of money.
Exploded view of the Voith CT-P highly flexible coupling.
Open Voith CT-P coupling for roller conveyor drives or pilger rolling mills.
Roller conveyor drives or pilger rolling mills are typical areas of application for the Voith CT-P coupling. Usually gear couplings are used in these cases. But they present several disadvantages as they require regular lubrication and maintenance; which means stopping the system. If a gear coupling is lubricated too late or not at all, wear begins to increase dramatically. In the worst case it may fail completely, necessitating a total shutdown of the system.

Steel mill operators can avoid this scenario in the future. A Voith CT-P coupling completely eliminates the disadvantages of a gear coupling, because the CT-P coupling requires no lubrication or maintenance and can operate around the clock 365 days per year. Operators save costs when calculating this over the life cycle of a plant. Furthermore, a CT-P coupling usually has a longer lifetime than the units connected to it.

The longer lifetime is thanks to the completely different physical concept that Voith used as its basis. The integrated rubber elements prevent metal-to-metal contact as is customary in a gear coupling. At the same time, they dampen the forces of inertia occurring when drives are switched off. Another distinctive advantage is that silicone elements can be used if needed, allowing the CT-P coupling to resist heat up to an ambient temperature of 130 degrees Celsius.

CT-P couplings can therefore also be utilized without problems in steel mills that work and finish steel at high temperatures. CT-P couplings are designed for torques of up to 200,000 Nm and speeds of up to 7,200 rpm. They are usually installed directly between the electric motor and the roller conveyor. This demonstrates the high flexibility of the coupling, which easily allows 1:1 matching with the shaft or hub connections.

Voith will be presenting its coupling technologies and high-performance universal joint shafts at METEC, the international metallurgical trade fair, in Düsseldorf from June 16-20, 2015. For information on Voith's appearance at METEC, see:

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