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World's First Secondary Water Retarder in Mercedes-Benz Travego Edition 1

Voith presents the world's first secondary water retarder for road vehicles. The new retarder has up to 30 percent more continuous braking power and works with the engine coolant as operating medium. As a result, it is not only wear-free, but also ensures higher braking outputs and availability. Thanks to its extremely compact design, it requires 50 percent less installation space and it is 35 kg lighter than comparable oil retarders. The retarder assumes up to 90 percent of all vehicle braking operations. This protects the service brake and reduces brake dust emissions by up to 80 percent.

Wear-Free Braking with Over 700 HP

The first application of the new water retarder in a coach can be found in the new Mercedes-Benz Travego Edition 1 with a braking output of up to 520 kW (over 700 HP). Owing to the pumping effect of the retarder, which results in a higher throughput of coolant, the continuous braking power is 20 to 30% higher than that of the previous oil retarder.

More Safety and Comfort for Driver and Passengers

Modern braking technology makes coaches safer and improves driving comfort for driver and passengers. With the v-constant function of the retarder (Tempomat system for downhill gradients) driving becomes a positive experience, even on steep downward gradients and narrow serpentine roads. Frequent, tiresome gearshifts are prevented, while even and continuous braking is guaranteed. As a result, the driver can concentrate much better on the traffic. Lower brake wear and therefore fewer stops in the workshop are further positive effects of consistent retarder utilization.

The retarder generates high braking powers especially during high speeds. The braking output is adapted independent of the prevailing gear and is not interrupted during gear-shifting, which adds to overall vehicle safety.

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