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Navistar and Voith Industrial Services: Mexico contract extension for 3 more years

  • Technical cleaning and specialized services
  • Innovative cost saving methods
  • Voith Industrial Services becomes exclusive partner
Voith Industrial Services in Mexico has obtained a contract renewal for 3 more years at Navistar International Corporation in Escobedo, Mexico. One of the company’s concerns is the manufacturer of International brand commercial trucks and commercial buses, and it also provides truck and diesel engine parts and service.

With innovative work methods and lower cost material alternatives at the Escobedo plant, Voith Industrial Services was able to prevail against eight competitors.

The contract involves a three-shift operation and includes services such as specialized technical cleaning for painting floors, paint defect analyses, janitorial deep cleaning, supply of cleaning materials and consumables, maintenance services (A/C, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, masonry), gardening and fumigation.

The existing service lines had already been extended with production support in 2013 as well as cleaning and maintenance of a metallic the warehouse roof in 2016. A special challenge was to create most efficient processes with a reduced but highly qualified staff pool. But given the long-lasting partnership since 1998 both the customer and the service provider trusted in the improvements.

After some processes and aspects were adjusted, the Mexican team members at the industrial service provider were really proud to have improved their services to meet the customers’ needs, and to continue this great cooperation as the only external supplier in this section of the Navistar plant.

About Voith Industrial Services:
Voith Industrial Services is one of the leading providers of technical services for key industries such as the automotive, rail, energy, chemical and petrochemical industries. In 2014/2015, the company generated sales of €1.0 billion with about 17,200 employees at approx. 200 locations worldwide.


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