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Voith Offers a Wide Range of Services for Rail Vehicle Operators

  • Full-service solutions for locomotives
  • Overhauling bogies saves time
  • Railcars ground down and repainted
  • Engineering competence: Vehicles technically modernized
The Service Competence Center in Kiel is located directly at the Kiel Canal.
Kiel, Germany: The Voith Rail Service Center in Kiel has considerably expanded its range of services. In addition to classic maintenance and re-pair work, the Voith service technicians also perform bogie overhauls and fleet repainting tasks. Thanks to its comprehensive engineering experience, the Service Competence Center is also capable of performing a variety of modernization measures on vehicles.
In the paint shop, trains and railcars that have seen several years of use are repainted following ground down and refurbishing.
Varied Service Concepts
Voith is currently working on concepts for numerous rail vehicle operators and system manufacturers. In these concepts, vehicles can be retrofitted with the European Train Control System or ETCS for short. This train control system is already in operation in some European countries, and to help support trans-European traffic, existing rolling stock is to be equipped with the new system over time.

Voith in Kiel is capable of offering different service concepts. Classic ser-vice contracts cover maintenance and service work. Accordingly, entire vehicle fleets are maintained or overhauled on-site at the operator's, in the field, or in Kiel directly.
Using the new bogie workshop, including the wheel set press and test rigs, Voith is capable of performing truck overhauls considerably faster.
Bogie Workshop with a Wheel Set Press
Using the new bogie workshop, including the wheel set press and test rigs, Voith is capable of performing bogie overhauls considerably faster. De-pending on the scope of the tasks, the lead times are reduced by several weeks because the bogies and their components are overhauled in-house, there are few interfaces, and there’s no need for complicated loading and transportation to remove the wheels and re-install them again.

Painting Line for Locomotives and Railcars

The services offered by Voith are constantly expanding. Since December 2015, Voith has also been renovating trains externally. For example, three-unit and four-unit railcars which had suffered enormous corrosion damage in the area of the window openings, were completely ground down, refurbished and repainted. Thanks to the existing infrastructure of a paint shop, Voith can handle vehicles up to a length of 160 m without disassembly in a time-saving manner.

Voith Turbo, a Group Division of Voith GmbH, is the specialist for intelligent drive solutions and systems. Customers from highly diverse industries such as oil and gas, energy, mining and mechanical engineering, ship technology, rail and commercial vehicles rely on advanced technologies from Voith Turbo.

Voith sets the standards in the markets energy, oil & gas, paper, raw materials, and transportation & automotive. Founded in 1867, Voith employs more than 20,000 people, generates Euro 4.3 billion in sales, operates in over 60 countries around the world and is today one of the largest family-owned companies in Europe.*

*Excluding the discontinued Voith Industrial Services Group Division.


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