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Voith is Overhauling All Bogies of the Cantus Flirt Fleet

  • Efficient: One-stop shop avoids unnecessary delays
  • Flexible: The client decides what services are required, within 14 days before transport
  • Cost-effective: Maintenance and repair work can be planned precisely
The wheel set press is part of the bogie shop at the Voith Rail Service Center where different processes are integrated under one roof.
Kiel, Germany: The Voith Rail Service Center Kiel has won the first contract to overhaul the bogies of a railcar fleet after a European-wide request for quotes. This involves a total of 21 EMUs consisting of four and three-units of the Stadler Flirt type from the cantus Verkehrsgesellschaft. The contract co-vers the maintenance and overhaul of all unpowered bogies and motor bogies by 2021. Cantus has already exercised the option of a contract extension.

The cantus Verkehrsgesellschaft provides regional rail transport for the Nord-Ost-Hessen network with a total of four regional rail lines between the cities of Göttingen, Kassel, Fulda and Eisenach. Cantus is ready to use Voith's one-stop shop strategy. This means that the entire commuter train, with the bogies that are to be overhauled, will travel to the workshop in Kiel. It will be converted there within three to four days, and will then be ready to roll, with the "new" bogies. The removed bogies will stay at Voith for overhauling.
A cantus flirt in front of the Voith Rail Service Center in Kiel.
The special feature of this bogie overhaul contract is that cantus will have a lot of flexibility throughout the operation. The exact range of services for the maintenance and overhaul tasks need only be specified using the stipulated checklist, 14 days before delivery. The customer benefit is that the shop will only service or replace the components that absolutely need it. For example, brakes that are not yet worn out will not be replaced at the same time; a ser-vice that may otherwise lead to unnecessary costs. On the other hand, minor accidental damage to the vehicle or to the components may be repaired at the same time.

The bogie workshop, recently installed at Voith in Kiel, is capable of performing all steps; from removing the wheels and pressing them back on, to profession-ally cleaning all parts and components in special washing machines, and final-ly, ultrasonic testing. Integrating many different processes under one roof, such as analysis, assessment, repairs, the press process on the wheel set press, and follow-up testing on the pressure rig, reduces interfaces and saves the client a tremendous amount of time, depending on the range of services for each train set.

Voith will overhaul more than 100 unpowered bogies and motor bogies of the cantus Flirt fleet by 2021. In the electric-driven Stadler Flirt, the motor output is transferred to the driven wheel sets through the Voith Type SZH-595 wheelset transmission system.

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