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Services for Vessel Propulsion Systems: Individual Voith Solutions Help to Avoid Unplanned Downtimes and Reduce Life Cycle Costs

  • Preventive maintenance tailored to specific requirements
  • Retrofitting facilitates more efficient propulsion systems
  • Global repair, maintenance and overhaul service
Change of a main seal of a Voith Schneider Propeller.
Heidenheim: Maintenance planning tailored to customer specific requirements is among the key Voith services for vessel propulsion systems. The objective is to ensure preventive maintenance and avoid unplanned propulsion system failure. For the operator, this means uninterrupted operation, investment protection and a reduction of life cycle costs.

Dynamic maintenance cycles through periodic data evaluation
The Voith service team is in close contact with ship owners worldwide to facilitate preventive maintenance. In addition, an emergency service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide immediate telephone support in the case of damage. Operational conditions and the age of the vessel are used to formulate a tailor made service plan. Periodic examination of the propeller condition, evaluation of several operating parameters and oil sample analyses provides important data used to calculate the specific service plans. Deposits in the oil for example are an indicator of wear within the system. These service intervals are dynamic and are adapted continuously over the entire service life of the unit. Potential damage and unplanned vessel downtime can thus be reduced or even prevented entirely.
Coating of a housing base while it is being overhauled.
More energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly through retrofit
As Voith propulsion systems are highly durable, another focus of the service work is on equipping older vessel propulsion systems with retrofit kits. Voith Schneider Propellers (VSPs) can reach more than 50 years of operation. Retrofit solutions tailored to the specific system ensure that the VSP is updated to the latest state of technology, thus increasing energy efficiency and decreasing the environmental impact of the propulsion system. This may include replacement of the mechanic control system with an electronic control or operation with biodegradable fluids and lubricants.

Voith service for optimum results
Every year, the Voith service team overhauls 20 to 25 propellers. Using state-of-the-art machining centers for turning, milling or gear cutting, shot-blasting machines and an in-house paint shop, the Voith experts update the propeller to the latest state of technology. Independent quality assurance and test benches for test runs prior to delivery ensure perfect operation of the vessel propulsion systems.

Training courses and simulator training for crew and procurers
Comprehensive training measures and simulator training are included within the service portfolio. Skippers learn how the propulsion system works and which measures to take to ensure reliable propeller operation. During simulator training, the crew can practice safety aspects and efficiency strategies – upon request even on site thanks to a mobile simulator.

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