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Tissue World Milan: Efficient production with Voith XcelLine tissue machines

Heidenheim/Milan: Tissue World in Milan will be the ideal place to see Voith’s XcelLine tissue machines, new solutions to increase the efficiency and quality of the entire tissue production process supply chain. In addition, Voith will be showcasing Papermaking 4.0 solutions and the new InfiltraDiscfilter – the latest generation in dewatering without filter bags. Furthermore Voith presents the new SkySoft ceramic coated creping blades, the ProTect for safe press fabric measurements and new Yankee service options. The show is taking place in Milan, Italy from April 10 to 12, trade visitors will find Voith at stand F 500 in Hall 3 and have the chance to listen to Voith presentations during the conference.
In the last few months, Voith has sold 15 XcelLine tissue machines to customers from all over the world.
Voith is presenting its networked solutions like OnCare to increase the efficiency, productivity and quality of the entire paper production process supply chain.
With OTR Precise and MiniGrinder, Voith extends its OnSite Yankee Service portfolio.
As a strong partner, Voith helps Tissue producers to set the right course and offers the ideal solutions for raising profitability and efficiency to the next level. In October 2016 the new generation of XcelLine tissue machines was launched. XcelLine paper machines enable Voith customers to reach the next level of tissue production. All technologies, components, and services are perfectly coordinated and integrated with each other. This interplay guarantees excellent performance over the entire lifecycle of the paper machine. The excellent design, coordination and reliability of all secondary systems also form part of Voith’s scope of supply. In the last few months Voith has sold 15 XcelLine tissue machines to customers from all over the world.

Papermaking 4.0 for higher productivity and quality
The Voith XcelLine tissue machines and working environments are going digital. Fast and highly available internet connections are the prerequisite for systematic integration of digital process tools into the supply chain.

Voith is presenting its networked solutions to increase the efficiency, productivity and quality of the entire paper production process supply chain. Systems like OnCare and OnEfficiency are solutions that stem from the Papermaking 4.0 concept. As a general expert on the entire paper manufacturing process, Voith ensures that its customers benefit from practical experience in papermaking process management.

New technologies for higher efficiency and safety
New tissue machines can be equipped with the new InfiltraDiscfilter. The InfiltraDiscfilter has been built since more than 30 years. Due to the BaglessPlus technology holes in filter bags are history. Likewise the InfiltraDiscfilter reliably produces excellent filtrate quality which allows to maintain water consumption at a minimum. No additional cost for process chemicals needs to be spend. Very low solids content are a prerequisite to achieve long lifetimes of felts and fabrics. This is why leading tissue makers rely on Voith save all technology.

Another breakthrough technology is behind CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic) lightweight rolls. Unlike steel, the strength and rigidity of CFRP rolls can be adapted to the specific requirements without altering the installation space required. Moreover, the much lower density ensures a significant weight reduction. CFRP components also offer a range of other benefits, like low thermal expansion or stable running properties and higher operating speeds for a given roll geometry.

The new SkySoft ceramic coated creping blades offer state-of-the-art technology for tissue production and contribute to increase productivity through more consistent tissue quality over the blade lifetime. The highly wear resistant material contributes to longer overall blade lifetime and higher machine uptime. Additionally, SkySoft reduces friction with the Yankee cylinder surface and infinitely adjustable, customizable bevel angles are possible to deliver.

Press felt measurements are essential to guarantee efficient paper production. The operator has to ensure the safety of the personnel. The ProTect system is designed to take reliable press felt measurements at various positions in the press section of the paper machine. ProTect consists of carriage, fixture and any number of traverse beams and can be operated with all available standard portable measurement devices for all kinds of press felt measurements.

OnSite Yankee Service
With OTR Precise and MiniGrinder, Voith extends its OnSite Yankee Service portfolio. With its OTR Precise system, Voith is offering tissue manufacturers a technology for reliably identifying deformations on the surface of a Yankee cylinder. The system uses a precise measurement of tensile force and a 3D measuring process to eliminate the influences of vibration producing a topographical map of the Yankee cylinder surface, at a precision that sets a new benchmark for the industry.

This data forms the basis for precise planning of maintenance cycles, to initiate countermeasures and in this way extend the service life of the cylinder. The MiniGrinder developed by Voith's OnSite Yankee Service enables easy, accurate removal of irregularities and thus restores the Yankee cylinder's ideal crown curve. What is special about the MiniGrinder is its size. It is so compact that it can be used on any tissue machine.

Voith Paper conference presentations
Laslo Monte, Director Sales Tissue EMEA, Voith Paper Rolls GmbH & Co. KG, will provide further insights into “New Yankee Metallizing Technology” and will explain how to reduce the amount of thermal energy consumed for a given production rate, alternatively realizing higher production rates. April 11, session “Yankee Operations and Energy Optimization“ from 8:40 a.m. to 11:40 a.m.

Magnus Bengtsson, Development Manager at Duni AB, Bernhard Kohl, Vice President Project Sales at Voith Paper, and Jan Achterman, Global Grade Owner Tissue at Voith Paper, will give a presentation together about “The next level of environmental friendly tissue production” and give some details on the co-operation agreement made to develop quality, productivity and operating cost. April 12, from 8:50 a.m. to 9:20 a.m. session “Improvements & Innovations: Efficiency Enhancing and Energy Saving Technologies”.

Voith Paper is a group division of Voith and is one of the leading partners and pioneers in the paper industry. Through constant innovations, Voith Paper is optimizing the paper manufacturing process, focusing on developing resource-conserving products to reduce the use of energy, water and fibers. Furthermore, Voith Paper offers a broad service portfolio for all sections of the paper manufacturing process.

For 150 years, Voith’s technologies have been inspiring customers, business partners and employees worldwide. Founded in 1867, Voith today has around 19,000 employees, sales of €4.3 billion and locations in more than 60 countries worldwide and is thus one of the largest familyowned companies in Europe. Being a technology leader, Voith sets standards in the markets of energy, oil & gas, paper, raw materials and transport & automotive.


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