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Voith Turbo's DIWA.6 transmission reducing emissions in Tulsa

Voith Turbo's DIWA.6 transmission reducing emissions in Tulsa
York, Pa. (May 25, 2017) – Tulsa Transit is in the process of converting its fleet of diesel buses to cleaner compressed natural gas and has already completed training on their eight new buses with Voith CNG. This conversion helps meet the demand for cleaner and more fuel-efficient mass transit vehicles. Tulsa Transit chose the DIWA.6 because it performs well with their existing CNG Engine.

“After researching this product extensively we saw the opportunity to provide our customers with an improved ride quality experience and save operating funds at the same time. This product will enhance our transition to cleaner burning CNG fuel,” said Randy Cloud, Director of Maintenance for the Metropolitan Tulsa Transit Authority.

The DIWA.6 transmission benefits include:

• Up to 16 percent fuel savings
• A long first gear for smoother acceleration and a smoother ride for passengers
• Less shifting so there is less wear and higher reliability
• Coolest-running CNG transmission in the industry
• A full-flow cooling circuit allows for 100 percent of oil to be cooled and filtered
• Optimal performance even in extreme climates

The DIWA.6 comes equipped with Voith’s Hydrodamp Coupling which absorbs and isolates vibrations, protecting the transmission and the engine while also allowing for lower engine speed operation without noise and vibration. This increases the overall drivability and operation of the vehicle while also making it a quieter mass transit option.

“It has been a pleasure to work with the team from Tulsa Transit. They understand the benefits the DIWA.6 transmissions and the diagnostic software will bring to Tulsa Transit’s fleet,” said Dan Hollenbach, Region Manager, Commercial Vehicles, Voith Turbo.

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