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Welcome SmartBasket

The easiest way to manage your screen baskets

    Voith introduces a game-changing solution for your asset and lifecycle management. Now you can find all your baskets at one place. No matter where they are.

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    How do you profit from SmartBasket?

      Asset management tool for
      100% transparency
      Easy ordering process via the
      Voith Paper Webshop
      Tracking of your baskets over the
      entire lifecycle
      Cross-locational access to your
      screen basket inventory
      With the Voith Paper Webshop, ordering is much simpler and faster than it was before.
      The most efficient way to manage and track your screen baskets over the whole lifecycle

      From ordering a screen basket in the Voith webshop, placing it in your warehouse, installing it in the machine or getting your basket rechromed, you always know the status.

      How it works

        Scan. Act. Track. Connect.

        Every new Voith basket comes with an RFID chip. Just scan it, add relevant information such as running time, condition or inventory location on a smartphone or tablet and update your dedicated database easily.

        The additional user-friendly, web-based cockpit solution provides increased transparency on the supply chain for the inventory of your mill – or even your complete corporate group.

        Turn your screen baskets into SmartBaskets

        We turn screen baskets into SmartBaskets, making your work noticeably easier. Now you have complete control of all your baskets at all times, across locations and worldwide.

        The longer you will use SmartBasket, the more knowledge you gain about running time, performance, wear characteristics of each basket in each screen. You will also be able to optimize your inventory, as you never miss a basket.

        A smart app for new knowledge

        One look, one click – and you can manage each basket at just the right time and always have the right model at your fingertips. Smart technology for the intelligent paper production of the future.


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            Armin Volk

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            South America

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            Application and Sales Engineer

            Rua Friedrich von Voith, 825 Bairro Jaragua 02995-000 Sao Paulo (SP) Brazil


            t +55 11 3944 5257

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            Customer experiences with SmartBasket

              24/7 availability convinces
              Palm Paper

              For Michelle White, Senior Buyer with Palm Paper in the UK, the benefits of the Voith Paper Webshop go clearly above and beyond the normal functions of an online marketplace. The platform has become a key source of information.

              Perlen Papier AG orders around 90% of all spare parts via the Voith Paper Webshop

              The customer-focused setup of the online platform allows customers to easily find and order all parts with just a few clicks. In addition, the extensive order history and order tracking make maintenance work more effective.

              Being able to see the current availability of parts also allows the Perlen team to maintain a lean spare parts inventory.

              Social media news and press release

                The Voith Paper Webshop simplifies ordering of spare parts and provides comprehend-sive documenta-tion options

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