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Air conditioning / cooling

Air conditioning / cooling 

A safe process control

For reliable process control and to create comfortable working conditions we supply special solutions for air conditioning and cooling. 


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Control room cooling

Control room cooling systems remove the waste heat and protect the switchgear from dust and corrosion.

Voith supplies system solutions from simple control room cooling with split cooling systems to control room cooling systems with ambient air cooling equipment and positive pressure systems. A chemical air filter can be integrated to prevent corrosion.

For cooling purposes complete cold water systems including refrigeration with air or water-cooled refrigerating units or well water cooling systems are used.

Transformer cooling 

Waste heat is reliably evacuated by transformer cooling units, if the outdoor cooling is not sufficient, thus preventing transformer breakdowns. 

Direct air conditioning of winders

Insufficient moisture in the area of the winder's cutting blades can cause web shrinkage and tears, resulting in web breaks. Special Voith air conditioning systems prevent this problem and the ensuing production downtimes.

Air conditioning of finishing areas

Special air conditioning systems to regulate a constant temperature and humidity in the room and/or around the production machine reduce the static charge in the paper in the finishing area (calender, winder, cross cutter) and thus ensure high productivity.

High pressure humidifiers or steam humidifiers are used for air humidification in compliance with the relevant hygiene standards.

Laboratory air conditioners

For quality assurance in the laboratory Voith air conditioners guarantee a standard atmosphere. This is the only way to enable reliable measurements.

Air conditioning of operator stations, offices and staff amenities

A comfortable working environment is one of the prerequisites for efficient personnel. Voith designs and supplies ventilation and air extraction facilities with or without cooling for offices, staff amenities and control rooms, also in the form of split refrigeration systems.

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