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Air system hygiene inspection to meet VDI 6022

Air system hygiene inspection to meet VDI 6022

Preventing the spread of pathogens

Voith performs the hygiene inspection of ventilation and air conditioning units in accordance with VDI 6022. Only if they are in hygienically perfect condition can the health of employees be ensured.

The focus of the ventilation technology hygiene inspection in accordance with VDI 6022 is the microbiological investigation of humidifier, cooling tower and air, as well as the physical inspection of the ventilation, air conditioning unit and air supply in the room. The inspection includes legally compliant documentation of the system, compiling a "to-do" list of the measures required and, if applicable, modification and maintenance of the ventilation and air conditioning systems. Companies operating ventilation and air conditioning systems are obligated according to Sections 3 and 4 of the German Occupational Safety Act to take suitable measures for ensuring the health and safety of their employees.

The inspection according to the VDI guideline applies to all ventilation and air conditioning systems and equipment supplying air to areas that, according to their intended purpose, will have people in them for more than 30 days per year or regularly for longer than two hours per day.


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