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Anaerobic pilot plant

Anaerobic pilot plant

On-site simulation of a Voith Anaerobic Reactor

With the pilot plant, biological anaerobic treatment for waste water of various qualities can be simulated on site. This ensures the cost effectiveness of a planned investment.

The pilot plant is designed so that the operation and settings of a Voith Anaerobic Reactor can be simulated, including auxiliary systems. During the test period, technological features such as COD degradation, biogas yield and nutrient requirement are determined under realistic conditions. On the basis of the results, it can then be determined whether use of an anaerobic stage for internal process water/effluent treatment is the appropriate process in terms of cost effectiveness. The compact, ready-to-install pilot plant is operated via an integrated process control system with remote access, facilitating remote maintenance.

By using an anaerobic process stage, “green energy” can be produced through conversion of the organic material in the process water into biogas. Thus less bio-sludge accumulates and the energy costs are reduced. Energy can also be saved in downstream aeration, since due to the anaerobically reduced organic content, less aerator output is required. The high-energy aerobic process is optimally used for removing the residual COD.