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Anaerobic Reactor E2E

Anaerobic Reactor E2E

Maximum retention rates in anaerobic wastewater Treatment

The E2E anaerobic reactor achieves the highest retention rates in the industry for valuable granulated biomass. The honeycomb design of the high-performance reactor reduces investment costs.

The Voith E2E fluidized bed reactor is used for anaerobic wastewater treatment of industrial effluent with a high degree of easily degradable COD, especially from the food industry. With the innovative modular three-phase settler system high retention rates and optimum efficiency will be achieved. The modular honeycomb design of the settler allows optimum utilization of the reactor volume and a low reactor height. The reactor’s gastight design prevents the biogas escaping and thus avoids any odor emission.

Due to the special settler design, the E2E anaerobic reactor covers a wide range of COD concentrations (1,500 – 50,000 mg/l) and is also used for anaerobic effluent treatment in the pulp and paper industry.