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Anaerobic Reactor R2S

Anaerobic Reactor R2S

For reliable anaerobic treatment of calcium-rich wastewater

The R2S anaerobic reactor is a two-stage high-performance reactor for anaerobic treatment of industrial wastewater with a high calcium content. The intelligent reactor design results in long operation uptime.

In many industries, the wastewater from the production process has a high calcium content. The accumulation and necessary removal of calcium-loaded heavy sludge often leads to downtime for the wastewater treatment plant. Due to its conical tank bottom, the Voith R2S anaerobic reactor enables quick and selective removal of the heavy material during operation. Moreover, the innovative reactor design prevents cold spots due to poor fluidization or clogging and ensures trouble-free operation. Thanks to its tall, slim design the anaerobic reactor achieves effective wastewater treatment in the smallest of spaces.

The R2S anaerobic reactor is used for anaerobic wastewater treatment in the paper industry and also to meet specific requirements in the food industry.


  • R2S anaerobic reactor. Defies high calcium content in wastewater

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