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Assessment and repair work

Assessment and repair work

Increasing the efficiency of the paper machine

The Voith Paper repair service provides for qualitative repair of the components in the production line. Therefore, availability of the machine is increased, and risk of downtime is reduced.

The Voith Repair Service Team in Heidenheim, Germany, with its experienced service technicians and engineers, guarantees the fastest possible fact finding, analysis and assessment of the parts received. The highest quality and accurate fit of the repaired products are ensured through quality controls such as ultrasound analysis, material inspections and checks of all types. If it is not economical to fix the part, customers receive customized recommendations and alternative solutions. In addition, the service team guarantees the quickest response time in the event of an emergency.

The Voith Paper Repair Service includes repairs and inspections for items including slats, blades, upper and lower lips, actuators, forming boards, sleeves, NipcoFlex and FlexoNip pressure shoes, locks, support elements, pistons, rotating rings, spur and cylindrical gears, steam and cleaning heads, drives, hydraulic cylinders, valves, pendulum sensors, controllers, separating wedges, cardan shafts, flow strips and rolls. Expansion, disassembly, repair and final re-installation are all done from a single source.