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Audit: effluent treatment plant

Audit: effluent treatment plant

Saving costs through less effluent and additives

The effluent treatment plant audit helps optimize or restore the operating state of an effluent treatment plant. Potentials for saving resources are identified.

Detailed measurements and investigations of the effluent treatment plant are carried out during the audit in order to determine the condition and operational status of the individual components and the entire system. Geometric, technical and technological data and the water quality of the individual process stages are recorded and represented in a model balance. A technical/technological evaluation then takes place to identify possible bottlenecks and weak spots.

Within the framework of the audit, a future-oriented concept for the optimal status of the plant is developed. It uses the existing structure and comprises necessary extensions or expansions of the system, while taking into account the investment and operating costs to be expected. Thus the preconditions for closure of the process water circuit can be created, and energy saving potentials can be identified.