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Audit: energy saving - stock preparation

Audit: energy saving - stock preparation

Reducing energy consumption in stock preparation

The stock preparation energy saving audit examines energy consumption, as well as instrumentation, process workflow and technologies used in the stock preparation line, and identifies potential savings.

Voith Paper investigates production lines on site, using the most modern measurement technology. Not only is the electrical energy consumption of machines in various subsystems examined, but the heat requirement or heat displacement within various production lines is also checked. In addition, a detailed cost calculation of possible energy savings is produced.

The scope of the stock preparation energy saving audit is individually adapted to the customer’s needs and may include the areas of dissolution, sorting, refining, dispersion, heat recovery, process analysis, eco-process, reject and broke handling, pumps and water management. Specific solutions are recommended for each individual situation, and a benchmark comparison with "Best Available Technology" (BAT) is  provided.