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Audit: former exhaust

Audit: former exhaust

Cleaner and fewer breaks

The audit highlights maintenance and technological deficits of the press and former exhaust and can improve the running characteristics of the machine through targeted upkeep measures.

The overall capacity of the individual systems, including pressure losses of the individual system components, serves as a database for the audit. In combination with a visual inspection of important components such as precipitators and ventilators, a first estimation of the system’s condition is possible. With the capacity review, problem spots can be localized and countermeasures initiated. As a second step, checking the air distribution in the duct systems is possible, thereby localizing weak spots in the system in a targeted fashion.

With the aid of the former exhaust audit, the running characteristics of the machine can be improved, e.g., through optimized air distribution. The moisture input in the plant can be minimized, and the building can be actively protected.