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Audit: hydraulic and pneumatic systems

Audit: hydraulic and pneumatic systems

Reduced downtimes and lower operating costs

The audit identifies the optimization potential of hydraulic and pneumatic systems with respect to servicing and maintenance costs. The goal is to improve operating costs and availability.

To prepare for the hydraulic and pneumatic systems audit, Voith assesses all available documents and determines the scope of the audit and the necessary measuring points. The process also includes obtaining information about weak points and bottlenecks from those responsible for operation and maintenance. In further investigations, Voith employs modern computer-assisted measuring techniques and where appropriate makes use of the equipment, personnel and know-how from other specialist areas.

The audit provides a reliable calculation base for optimizing the hydraulic and pneumatic systems. The hydraulic and pneumatic systems audit is imperative if rebuilds are imminent so as to assess performance capability. In addition, it also provides a reliable budget.