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Audit: Nipco roll systems

Audit: Nipco roll systems

Increasing performance through reliable planning

The Nipco roll systems audit carries out a set/actual comparison of deflection compensation rolls, the hydraulic system and units, as well as the control. It allows well-documented analyses of planned increases in performance.

Reduced or increased distributed loads, higher speeds and modern frames of reference change the essential parameters in the roll system. A well-documented analysis of the roll system gives clarity here. The Nipco roll systems audit records current performance data and examines parameters such as speed, distributed load and temperature so as to make predictions for a possible increase in system. In the case of system changes, the coating of the roll sleeves, additional external profiling or changes in paper technology are investigated.

The audit analyzes the roll system with deflection compensation roll, hydraulic system and control, and it presents the necessary measures to be taken in the areas of pressure, temperature, cooling or flow rate.