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Audit: PU cover (steel replacement)

Audit: PU cover (steel replacement)

Reduced hydraulic pressure in the press gap

The audit examines the effects of a conversion of the roll cover from grooved steel to polyurethane in the press section. The steel cover does not have to be removed in the process.

Conversion of the roll cover from grooved steel to polyurethane has numerous advantages: The soft PU cover brings about a wider nip and therefore reduces the hydraulic pressure in the press gap. The mechanical stress on the felt is reduced, and the felt service life can be extended. In addition, the damping characteristics with PU lower the sensitivity to vibrations (felt barring). The audit helps determine the effects of the roll’s modified geometry on the press section and takes into account adaptations to the doctoring, lubrication and cleaning to suit the PU cover. A comprehensive catalog of measures is provided for this.

With conversion to PU covers in the press section, an increase in production speed is possible.