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Audit: reel section

Audit: reel section

Reduced reject/breaks during reel turn-up

The reel section audit involves a systematic checking of the reel. Reject/breaks during reel turn-up can be reduced through optimization measures and time can be saved.

Winding errors are investigated on site during the audit and reel turn-up problems are addressed. Control sequences can also be optimized in the process and mechanical settings checked and corrected. In addition, the winding tightness is measured and the vibration is analyzed.

Modern and specialized measuring devices such as high-speed cameras, multi-channel recorders for pressures and signals, and winding tightness measuring devices are used. Using the winder-specific paper characteristics (modulus of elasticity, friction coefficient), calculations about the winding process are performed as required. In addition, Voith has a pilot reel at the PTC Heidenheim, on which problems can be reproduced or new kinds of reel turn-up systems tested with the customer’s paper grades.

The reel section audit checks and optimizes all reel functions and helps to solve problems quickly.