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Audit: water management

Audit: water management

Reduced fresh water consumption and stable production

The audit analyzes and evaluates the process water system of a production line. It forms the initial basis for the installation of a plant-wide process water control concept.

In the course of the audit, detailed measurements and investigations are carried out on site on the process water circuits in order to determine the operating status of the system. The main parts are establishment of a water-ash balance, analysis of stock flows and the process water system, and determination of specific fresh water and waste water characteristics. Subsequently, suitable concepts for the process water direction and process water control are presented.

The audit is the first step for easy control of the entire water system. The goal is installation of a plant-wide process water control concept that can automatically regulate the level of the dynamic stock and water buffers and the fresh water supply. In the process, nearly constant fresh water and waste water quantities and a suitably graduated COD level in the water circuits of stock preparation and the paper machine should be achieved.